About the Australian Masters Equity Fund

The key features and benefits set out in this section are a summary only and you should read the whole PDS before completing the Application Form as it contains important information about this investment opportunity. You should also consider seeking appropriate legal, taxation and financial advice before investing in the Fund.

Australian Masters Equity FundFund facts
Investment type Listed Australian & International securities (via wholesale trusts or investment managers)
Investment sector Diversified
Investment opportunity The Fund will seek to utilise the expertise of a number of carefully chosen investment managers to take advantage of their specialist skills to increase the chances of positive returns from investments in ASX & Internationally listed companies 
Investment strategy The Fund will primarily invest in a number of selected and professionally managed wholesale trusts or with wholesale investment managers, which, in turn, may invest in listed Australian equities, International equities, convertible notes, derivatives, and cash
Investment objective The Fund aims to provide Investors with a return that exceeds the performance of the ASX300 accumulation index over five year rolling periods, before tax, but after fees and expenses of the Fund
Nature of investment return It is intended Investors will be able to access a combination of investment returns, income distributions (such as franked dividends) and capital gains, over the medium to long term
Investment manager (IM) Australian Masters Equity Management Pty Ltd
Initial portfolio Amounts invested by Investors under this PDS will initially be invested in a number of wholesale investment trusts described in section 5
Investment amounts Minimum investment per Investor of $20,000, and thereafter in $1,000 multiples
Expected term of the Fund The Fund is an open ended unit trust subject to not infringing the rule against perpetuities
Long term target Fund size The RE does not intend to limit the size of the Fund
Gearing The Fund does not utilise gearing. However, other wholesale trusts or investment managers that the Fund may invest in may use gearing, and it is usual for the ASX & International listed companies to which the Fund has an ultimate exposure to do so
Risks There are risks associated with an investment in the Fund. The value of an investment in the Fund and the amount of income it generates may rise or fall and you may incur losses
Fees and other costs There are fees and costs that apply to the Fund
Distribution reinvestment Reinvestment is available
Distribution frequency At least annually
Buy/Sell Spread Buy Spread 0.5%, Sell Spread 0.5%
Redeeming your investment You may apply to redeem your investment by providing notice in writing to the Responsible Entity. However, time and availability limitations may apply
Cooling off You are generally entitled to a 14 day cooling off period